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The proliferation of digital assets, generating capital gains of thousands of percent in recent years is the reason why cryptocurency are the main choice of investors, and NUSAKU is the point where environmental and tecnologies issues meet.

To make this happen, NUSAKU colaborate with KOPRABUH as an old player in the environmental world who has placed his name on the Guinness World Record for trees cultivation in 2016.

Supported by KOPRABUH, NUSAKU under PT. Green Gold Arthabuana is ready to green the world.


Enherits the forest as sustainable livelihood for future generations.

Indonesia as prosperous placed for the needs of its people. Forest are balanced with live for present and future generations.


NUSAKU promoted the value of trees in a natural base on digitalization, helping to expands forest and preservation and sustainable use.

Natural resource for the benefit of human and nature. especially produce O2, clean water and absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, in an effort to mitigate extreme climate change by enpowering farmers land in Indonesia, so that it can help mitigate poverty.

NUSAKU is the catalyst for all world citizen to plants trees on KOPRABUH land. To redeem personal and institutional carbon emmision, a charity for enviroment while making money by saving NUSAKU as crypto asset or trading NUSAKU as cryptocurrency.

Token Allocation

Total Supply77.777.777
Tax Fee10%
Max Transaction3.888
PT. Green Gold Arthabuana30% from total supply NUSAKU
Super Investor20% from total supply NUSAKU
Market PancakeSwap20% from total supply NUSAKU (2.5% gradually)
Exchanger15% from total supply NUSAKU
Team NUSAKU5% from total supply NUSAKU
Advisor5% from total supply NUSAKU
Marketing Promotion4% from total supply NUSAKU
Airdrop1% from total supply NUSAKU


- Audit Certik
- Launch NUSAKU on BEP20 Network

Phase I

Phase II

- Airdrop session 1
- Listing cmc and coingecko
- Logo on trustwallet and safepall
- Listing on exchangers
- Airdrop session 2
- Launch nusaku dapps
- Launch nusaku marketplace

Phase III

Phase IV

- Launch nusaku NFT and metaverse
- Launch nusaku game
- Make exchanger
- Nusaku C
- Nusaku blockchain

Phase V


NUSAKU implements a circular economic system where taxes use for trees planting project, that will give return in the form of a carbon credit claim. Investors, traders, farmers and government directly or indirectly benefit from NUSAKU trading system.


Holder who claim for trees adoption certificate by doing transaction per month.


Profesional in trees planting, provider of land, seedling, fertilizer.

Net Zero Emision

Help Government program to Net Zero Emission.

Carbon Credit

The benefit for farmers and NUSAKU price stability.


Four Factor For Fighting Climate Change

Carbon Sink

Is a K-Tree planting that adapts to land conditions, soil fertility, contours, soil acidity rainfall, fast growing tree species suitable for planting in high densities, in order to produce volume of biomass the largest with the highest calorie yield in the shortest time. the wood harvest is made of wood chips. Wood chips, which is needed by the world pellet and pyrolysis industry.
Along with the increase in the production of KOPRABUH together members and bussines partner enter the downstream industry which can absorb the entire timber production of each plantation for the purpose of producing renewable energy and providing competitive economic value for KOPRABUH members.

ECO Energy

It is a downstream industry from carbon sink, to make renewable energy starting from Bio-Mass, wood pellets to pyrolysis oil. which is purified into diesel oil, gasoline and kerosine.
The purification process produce heat, Bio-Gas, Bio-Fuel and Bio-Char. Bio-Fuel enters the market, Bio-Char is planted on plantations as a carbon sink and Bio-Fertilizer, while Heat and Bio-Gas are used by the ECO Industry

ECO Industry

An Industrial area that excels in the availability of land and cheap renewable energy.

ECO City

An enviromentally friendly area where 4F2C integrated economic actors live and work.

NUSAKU Video's

What they said about environment


Dr. Ir. Transtoto Handadhari, M.Sc

Forestry and Environmental Economist Expert

The NUSAKU crypto currency provides hope for the realization of the sustainability of Forest Resources and the environment, as well as the welfare of forest farmers and the wider community as well as sustainable national development.
Loving the environment starts with planting a tree, preserving it is noble.


Dr. Ir. Ruandha Agung Sugardiman, M.Sc

Director General of Forestry Planning and Environmental Management, KLHK.

Indonesia has made a significant contribution to the reduction of global GHG emissions with a massive movement for forest and land rehabilitation and restoration of peat and mangroves.
NUSAKU's efforts are very relevant to this program, combining cryptocurrency technology with tree planting project towards forest development.


Yohanis Cianes Walean


Why hesitate to pay for environmental care? If an environmental disaster can destroy everything?
In NUSAKU, Oxygenerators pay for the environment while making money.

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